Do you want to help your children not only survive but thrive after your divorce?
Learn What Your Child Needs And Wants From You Most
As You Navigate Your Divorce.
Parenting Through Divorce
A 6-Week Program For Parents
Created From The Child's Perspective
Week One - Session One

In Session One, you will address the three most common misconceptions
about divorce and children, and then learn the four risky assumptions parents often make about their children. 

  • Change your perceptions by challenging the common misconceptions generally accepted in our culture regarding divorce.
  • Eliminate uncertainty by determining if you are making incorrect assumptions regarding your children's response to your divorce.
  • Relieve stress, knowing your child isn't doomed because of this divorce. 

Before you can even begin to make good decisions regarding your children's well-being, you first need to understand their mindset and grasp the reality of the situation.

Week Two - Session Two

In Session Two - Part One, we will work through the various stages of divorce, as well as the tasks of divorce, and how staying stuck can create certain risks for your children. 

This section will also be focused on understanding your own divorce grieving process, and the challenges you will face along the way. 

In Session Two - Part Two, you will learn how to share your story. How exactly should you talk to your children and others about the divorce? 

  • You will learn how to ask for patience from you children.
  • You will learn what to tell your children, and what not to tell your children.
  • You will gain confidence from pre-scripting answers to the many questions you will receive from your children, family and friends.
Week Three - Session Three

In Session Three, we will teach you how to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your children. Children are naturally resilient, but you want you want to make sure your actions are providing an added buffer to that resilience. 

  • Gain clarity on what a supportive environment looks like so that you will know what to aim for.
  • Understand resilience in general, so you know how to support it.
  • Find comfort by implementing specific strategies to best promote resilience in your child.
  • Find relief by getting a glimpse into the minds of adult children of divorce and hear their thoughts regarding relationships and commitment.

After this session, you will evaluate your current support environment and identify the changes that need to be made.

Week Four - Session Four

A supportive co-parenting relationship is the most important factor for combating the stresses of divorce on children. In this session, we are going to discuss what both positive and harmful co-parenting looks like.

  • Relieve stress by learning how to change the relationship with your ex into a business relationship.
  • Give your child the freedom to choose what their relationship with their other parent will be.
  • Create a loving environment for your child by learning how to avoid loyalty conflicts.

The core message of this unit is to love your child more than you hate your ex.

Week Five - Session Five

In Session Five, you are going to learn the meaning of Timshel and how to apply the concept to your divorce journey as you navigate making decisions in the best interest of your children. 

  • Gain clarity from understanding what your children want from you most.
  • Find power in the understanding and application of Timshel.
  • Create solidarity by constructing your focused commitment statement you aim to keep with yourself.

This session's focus is on making you the person your children need you to be during this difficult time. It is important for both you, and your child's recovery.

Week Six - Session Six

To Your Children -

You may wonder why you should watch this, or what benefit you stand to gain. From age 13 to 16 I had a front row seat to my parent's divorce, and all of the arguing and fighting that came along with it.   

I want to address a few things I learned, and a few things I wish I had known looking back. 

  • I want you to understand your parent isn't going crazy. 
  • I want you to understand you are not responsible.
  • I want to show you how to set boundaries.
  • I want you to understand that everything will be okay.

Then at the end I want you to give your parents your "bill of rights." I think you will find this information relieving and helpful.

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How Is Parenting Through Divorce Structured?
Download the Session Outline and watch the Session Lesson / Coaching Video.
Each session comes with a Session Outline where you follow along with the "lesson."

Each coaching lesson is about an hour long (+ or -) where you will learn the core information for each Session.
Action Step
Download & Complete The Action Step For Each Session.
Each session has an Action Step where you must evaluate your own situation and identify changes or adjustments you can make in your own specific case.

Some sessions will have extra credit worksheets that can help parents further improve their parenting behaviors and reactions. Such as downloading the Survival Six and keeping them handy during difficult mornings.

But we encourage parents to complete each sessions action step before moving on to the next week.
Session Interview
Each session has a related Interview with either a child or a parent who has experienced divorce and offers their respective advice and wisdom to those currently going through it.
Session Resources
Each session has a resource section where you will find various articles, or expert interviews, or completed worksheets, as well as completed action steps from other parents.
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